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Adult Faith Formation opportunities

Barbara Ann Brumm DCRE

Ongoing adult faith formation, by which people consciously grow in the life of Christ through experience, reflection, prayer, and study, is vital to the life of the Catholic Church and to the relationship that each individual shares with God and the Christian community. St. Isidore Catholic Community (Sacred Heart/Visitation) offers many opportunities for growth in faith.  One of the primary sources of adult faith is attending Mass every Sunday with discussion and action upon the readings, the Gospel, and the homilies of each Sunday Mass.

Other opportunities for adult faith formation offered include Bible study, learning/discussion gatherings on faith topics, several Sunday Scripture study groups, R.C.I.A, Social Justice Events, Liturgical/Seasonal presentations and gatherings, and Student Faith Formation programs.

There are various opportunities for growth in one’s relationship with God such as annual Women’s and Men’s Christian Experience Weekends, First Friday of the Month Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in the Visitation Church after Mass, several Scripture/faith sharing groups, and several Diocesan on-line and local activities.

Non-gathered forms of faith formation and spiritual growth are: Growing In Faith- Bulletin insert. Partners in Faith- Parent monthly newsletter. Daily meditation booklets, “Give Us This Day”, “The Word Among Us”, “Living Faith”, “ The Witness”, and numerous resource books.

If you are interested in leading a faith formation session or attending any of the formation opportunities listed below, please contact Barbara Ann Brumm, D/CRE at 641-710-2441 or -641-732-3428. We presently have an Adult Faith Formation team which is actively working on meeting the Faith formation needs of the Parishioners at St. Isidore Catholic Community.

Growing in faith

“Growing in Faith” is a monthly newsletter to help us on our journey of faith.

Click here for the September issue

“Partners in Faith” is a monthly newsletter to help our children on their journey of faith.

Click here for the March issue

Franciscan Way of Life

Studying the life of St. Francis and St. Clare

This program is a series of monthly sessions that seek to educate men and women on Franciscan Values.  These values are for those who want to deepen their Gospel spiritual lives in their present life-styles.

• Two year program, once a month for 8 months each year.

• Leader: Sister Millie Leuenberger

• Location: Visitation Faith Formation Center

• If interested contact the Cluster Office 641-732-4342 or the Visitation Faith Formation Office 641-710-2441.

Sunday Scripture

Date: Thursdays -September through May

Time: After the 8:30 am. Mass

Location: St. Isidore Center

Date- Fridays- September through May

Time: 9:00 am.

Location: Evergreen Assisted Living Facility

Christian Experience Weekends (C.E.W.)


Women's CEW The 10th CEW (Christian Experience Weekend) will be held October 19-21, 2018 at the Visitation Faith Formation Center in Stacyville. The weekend begins at 8:00pm on Friday and closes at 4:00pm on Sunday. This weekend will offer you an opportunity, as a Christian, to renew your relationship with God, self, and others. Please consider and pray about accepting this invitation to renew, relax, and reaffirm your love of God, self and community. Registration forms/ brochures are in the St. Isidore Catholic Center and back of Sacred Heart and Visitation Churches.

Questions: Contact Barbara Ann Brumm, D/CRE at 641-710-2441.

• Dates: October, 19-20-21 2018
• Time: Fri. night through Sunday afternoon
• Location: Visitation Faith Formation Center

Click here for the C.E.W. Registration form