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RWO5 Smooth Mover 6-2  Farrowed  1/28/15  Reg. #  132091002
Bred by:  Saratoga Show Pigs
 NF2 Hostile Takeover 21-1/Damís Sire:  KSWV1 Dream Scheme 9-12
Smooth Mover 6-2 was 2nd in class at the 2015 Ia. St. Fair and was a favorite of Al Christians. 6-2's littermate went on to be res champion boar at Mn. St. Fair. His mother is a littlermate to Ramsus 10-7, the 2013 NBS hog college boar that is here at NIBS. His sire Hostile Takeover was a Super Sire that stood at Top Cut and has sired many outstanding offspring. 

NIBS3 Timepiece 12-2 Farrowed  8/22/13  Reg. #  122016002
Bred by: NIBS 
Sire:   NIBS2 Rolex 3-6  /Damís Sire:  COR9 Happy  3-9
The mother of Timepiece 12-2 is also the mother of our Hog College boar.  She has proven to be an outstanding producing sow.  The sire Rolex 3-6 injured a hind leg when he was quite young and we are very happy to have bred this good sow to him before he was removed from the stud. There are a lot of good old time genetics in this pedigree.  Timepiece is a very good boar and the kind that is designed to be able to bred sows in a breeding pen if need be.

AJC5 Uncommon 10-3  Farrowed  3/13/15  Reg. #  132485003
Bred by: Adam Jay Conover 
Sire:  AIPK4 Uncommon 18-1/Damís Sire: KSWV1 Dream Scheme
Everett Forkner picked this boar out at 2015 NBS. Very heavy boned and sound structured Berk boar.  After seeing him develop over the past 6 months we felt he needed to stay around for awhile. 

MJF5 Big Mike 2-1 Farrowed  2/15/15  Reg. #  130906001
Bred by: Michael Freund
Sire:   LSF3 Dead Man Walking 7-6 /Damís Sire:  BSF1 Back In Black 20-1
We thought Big Mike 2-1 offered the best performance package of all the Berk boars at the NBS last fall. His WDA was best of any boar there and after 9 months here at NIBS we can see those figures were right on. He will make pigs grow and be sound all around. 

BTC5 Tomorrow 60-1  Farrowed  10/17/15  Reg. #  135277001
Bred by: Brice Conover
Owned by:  Hultman and True Line Genetics 
Sire:   BTC4 UNCAGED 16-5 /Damís Sire:  BDV1 TIME BOMB 3-8
Scan Figures 2016 WPX  
Wt::  425    WTA:   1.84    BF/425  1.19     LEA/425  11.00  
Heavy duty-powerfully built Berkshire boar here. Marty Hultman will handle billing and AI certificates for this boar. You can call him at (309)-230-8385 for any questions on this boar. Orders will be made to NIBS His price per vial is $50. Tomorrow 60-1 offspring will perform. 

MAAM Kelli 15-9  (Mother of BTC5 Tomorrow 60-1)

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