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RWO5 Smooth Mover 6-2  Farrowed  1/28/15  Reg. #  132091002
Bred by:  Saratoga Show Pigs
 NF2 Hostile Takeover 21-1/Damís Sire:  KSWV1 Dream Scheme 9-12
Smooth Mover 6-2 was 2nd in class at the 2015 Ia. St. Fair and was a favorite of Al Christians. 6-2's littermate went on to be res champion boar at Mn. St. Fair. His mother is a littlermate to Ramsus 10-7, the 2013 NBS hog college boar that is here at NIBS. His sire Hostile Takeover was a Super Sire that stood at Top Cut and has sired many outstanding offspring. 

RWO4 Big Dream 4-2  Farrowed  2/28/14  Reg. #  125611002
Bred by: Saratoga Berks 
 AUST8 Fast Lane 3-7/Damís Sire:   KSWV1 Dream Scheme 9-12
Son of the old Fast Lane 3-7. Mother is litter mate to Ramsus 10-7 (2013 NBS hog college boar). Litter mate boar to Big Dream was Champion Berk 2014 MN St. Fair and litter mate gilt was res. Champion female. Very good sow productivity behind this boar and he is a very high quality and volume semen producer.

BA3 Backwhen 2-2   Farrowed  7/29/13  Reg. # 120724002
Bred by: Tom Conover 
 BA1 Backwhen  2-1 /Damís Sire:  BA9  Backwhen 2-6
Tom Conover has been putting Berkshire hogs together for many generations and he knows how to get the job done. He made another good one here. Check out his pedigree and see if he can't work for you. We think his picture shows him pretty true.

NIBS3 Timepiece 12-2 Farrowed  8/22/13  Reg. #  122016002
Bred by: NIBS 
Sire:   NIBS2 Rolex 3-6  /Damís Sire:  COR9 Happy  3-9
The mother of Timepiece 12-2 is also the mother of our Hog College boar.  She has proven to be an outstanding producing sow.  The sire Rolex 3-6 injured a hind leg when he was quite young and we are very happy to have bred this good sow to him before he was removed from the stud. There are a lot of good old time genetics in this pedigree.  Timepiece is a very good boar and the kind that is designed to be able to bred sows in a breeding pen if need be.

  KURO3 Master 78-11  Farrowed  3/20/13  Reg. #  119279011
Bred by: Kurobuta Berkshire LLC 
Sire:  GKB Master Of Eden 17-2/Damís Sire:  WKF7 Saki 10-1
Muscle quality sires all through this guys pedigree.  A very good boar here and semen quality is excellent.

NIBS3 Ramses 10-7   Farrowed  2/13/13  Reg. #  119176007
Bred by: Saratoga Show Pigs
Scan Figures:    135/250         .79  BF        7.89 LE        MacScan
Sire:  /KSWV1 Dream Scheme 9-12Damís Sire:  COR9 Happy 3-9
We were very honored to have Ramses 10-7 selected as the 2013 Hog College boar at the National Barrow Show.  Son Bob raised him and we followed his development from day 1.  He is a true fast growing Berkshire boar and  having sold many vials of Berkshire semen over the past 17 years we know the value of growth in the Berkshire breed.  His mother although a young sow is a tremendous brood sow and her daddy Happy 3-9 was something special.  He was a BIG heavy boned Berkshire sire from Arlie Cornbrower's herd in PA.   His sire Dream Scheme 9-12 has been at NIBS  for the past year and has sired many very popular offspring.  Semen flow and quality looked very good on 1st collection.  We are happy that Ramses is back where he can help make Berkshire sired pigs grow  faster.

  AJC 2 Power Up 5-2   Farrowed  2/8/12  Reg. # 112500002
Bred by:  AJC Berks
Owned †by;  Forkner True Line Genetics
Sire:  MLS1 Power Up 12-9 /Damís Sire: REED7 Sherman 1-1
Power Up 5-3 is a very well balanced, super sound and correctly muscled Berk boar. If nothing more let the picture of his mother speak. Very good semen quality.

HBCB8 AJC Hustle Belle 10-7  (Mother of AJC Power Up 5-2)

NIBS1 Happy Time 9-2  Farrowed  1/23/12  Reg. # 113355002
Bred by: NIBS/Bill Owen†
Sire: COR9 Happy 3-9†/Damís Sire: VA8 SGI Black Diamond 
We bought two giltsat the 2011 STC and got two broad sows.  How's that for a first time Berk breeder!  We have really been blessed with a very good commercial Berk semen trade over the past 10 years and we knew we needed to make a son from Timex and Happy, to here they are and are we happy!

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