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BIRC1 Big Ern 54-4   Farrowed  12/13/21   Reg. #  175413004
Bred by:  Ernie Birchmeier
Sire:  FMMM0 Change Up 9-3/Damís Sire: DH8 High Horse 21-1
Big Ern 54-4 stood 1st in class 4 at 2022 Expo. Littermate boar stood 1st in class 3 and littermate gilt was named Grand Champion female. Really happy to be able to offer this Berk boar to our show pig customers. Was a very popular class winning boar from an outstanding litter. He has all the tools to make winners. 
This boar is priced at $75.00 per vial.

WENT2 Black Express 1-9  Farrowed  2/1/22   Reg. #  174283009
Bred by: Owen Wenthold
Sire:   DMP0 Open Bar 18-6/Damís Sire:   WTX8 TX 94-2
Black Express 1-9 is a very eye appealing functional Berkshire boar. He was fast growing and very agile at both ends. We can see him making some very competitive show barrows and gilts. 

 RWO9 Wild Mustag 3-3  Farrowed  1/7/19   Reg. #  157219003
Bred by:  Saratoga Show Pigs
Sire:   CMC8 Wild 2-1/Damís Sire:  RWO5 Smooth Mover 6-2
These two sons of Wild 2-1 have grown like we have never seen Berkshires do before. Smoothmover 6-2 the maternal grandfather that stood here for several years was that kind of boar also. Their sire Wild 2-1 has really been a joy to work with and recently sired the Champion 4-H Berkshire gilt at Iowa St fair. Study these two Berk boars. They are performance bred. 
This boar is Napole Neg

MFC9 Time 209-7   Farrowed  8/27/19  Reg. #  158933007
Bred by:  Marland Farms
Sire:  TMF7 Time Out 12-9/Damís Sire:  MFC4 Mr. Olympia 217-3
When Bob was at Dougís looking at York boars he spotted some Berk boars out of the old Myron pedigree. This boar is young but he sure is a roughed made Berk boar that is Black and true Berkshire. Time 209-7 is Napole Neg.  

MFC1 Gunslinger 10-7   Farrowed  2/28/21   Reg. #  169092007
Bred by: Marland Farms
Sire:  MFC9 Gunslinger 29-6 /Damís Sire:   TMF7 Time Out 12-9
We become more impressed with 10-7 every day we own him. He has a very good meat and production pedigree behind him. Super sound and overall balance from end to end. 
This boar is Napole Neg

MFC0 Time Out 239-6   Farrowed  12/15/20  Reg. #  167377006
Bred by: Marland Farms
Sire:  TMF7 Time Out 12-9 /Damís Sire:  WAT6 Gunslinger 6-4
Another Marland bred Berk that goes back to the old Triple M pedigree. 
This boar is Napole Neg

 RWO1 P5 Mustang 27-6  Farrowed  9/20/21   Reg. #  175120006
Bred by: Saratoga Show Pigs
Sire:   RWO9 Wild Mustang 3-3 /Damís Sire:   AJC8 Warhorse 7-3
Another son of Wild Mustang 3-3 that is fitting in well for the commercial market. 
This boar is Napole Neg

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