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SFP7 Buckwheat 9-3   Farrowed  1/19/17  Reg. #  143369003
Bred by: Smith Farms
Sire:   MAAM5 Goose 62-3/Damís Sire:  TWL2 PBG Heat Stroke 18-3
Buckwheat 9-3 was 2017 Hog College Boar at National Barrow Show and a very worthy one. We were attracted to his over all performance along with extreme flexibility out of all of his joints. He is very heavy boned and very athletic . Semen flow and quality have been excellent and report on first litters have high numbers farrowed. He is all boar. Nothing whimpie about Buckwheat. 

RWO5 Smooth Mover 6-2  Farrowed  1/28/15  Reg. #  132091002
Bred by:  Saratoga Show Pigs
 NF2 Hostile Takeover 21-1/Damís Sire:  KSWV1 Dream Scheme 9-12
Smooth Mover 6-2 was 2nd in class at the 2015 Ia. St. Fair and was a favorite of Al Christians. 6-2's littermate went on to be res champion boar at Mn. St. Fair. His mother is a littlermate to Ramsus 10-7, the 2013 NBS hog college boar that is here at NIBS. His sire Hostile Takeover was a Super Sire that stood at Top Cut and has sired many outstanding offspring. 

RWO6 Easy Landing 7-3   Farrowed  1/23/16  Reg. #  13762003
Bred by: Saratoga Show Pigs
Sire:   ASF4 Landing Gear/Damís Sire:  KSWV1 Dream Scheme 9-12
Good BLACK Berk boar. Dream Scheme X Happy on the bottom side are very good maternally. 

RWO6 Moving On Up 15-6   Farrowed  9/12/16  Reg. #  144866006
Bred by: Saratoga Show Pigs
Sire:   RWO5 Smooth Mover 6-2/Damís Sire:  ASF4 Landing Gear 10-1
Moving On Up 15-6 pedigree includes a number of very good boars that have stood here at NIBS and both sows from Innerst and Hindman that was the start of the Berkshires that Bob started with. There is great maternal values all the way back in this pedigree. Can not begin to tell you of the many positive reports we get from litters by his sire Smooth Mover 6-2. 

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